We are always happy to work with your existing components, but many times we find that the experience you want can’t be created with your existing components. For example, TVs that were built even just 5 years ago may not have an HDMI (high definition) input. So, if you want to add components via an HDMI connector, it can’t be done with the existing TV. Sometimes, there are work arounds, but generally these do not produce the same quality and we try to stay clear of them.


Compatibility issues

Major issues involve receivers that don’t have the right input or output connections or enough of them to allow you to add input components such as Apple TV or output components like speakers. Most older equipment has fallen victim to what is referred to as the Analog Sunset. In 2010, Hollywood started embedding something called AACS in its Blu-ray disks. AACS is a new set of copy protection rules within HD movies and playback equipment. In a nutshell, no HD quality content will be allowed to pass through the analog connection of a device in a High Definition format. This means that for that Blu-ray of Thor to play, the devices must be connected by a digital connection, i.e. HDMI. HDMI interfaces carry the AACS copy protection schema via HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Copy Protection), so now we are right back to the first topic, compatibility.


Design Issues

What we hate to see the most is when potential clients buy components from the Internet or a Big Box retailer & they won’t work with what the person has at home. You can even buy the wrong mount for an existing TV if you don’t ask or provide the right information to a knowledgeable salesperson. These are assumptions made all the time, resulting in compatibility issues.


You can avoid buying the wrong things by having a site survey done before you purchase products. Let us tell you what your existing products are capable of doing. Then, if you choose to buy from someone other than us, by all means do so. Our pricing on electronics is competitive as we know the pricing of our competitors. But if you want to get a brand that we don’t sell, you are more than welcome to do so. You just want to be sure you are getting the right components to do what you want it to do. You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole and that is exactly what happens when you don’t mix and match your components correctly.


What to Do with the Old Stuff

Please, please, please do not just throw your old electronics in the trash. E-recycling locations are increasing all the time. A lot of Big Box retail stores will take your old items. A little further down in this newsletter is a company that we have worked with that does E-waste recycling. Recycling anywhere is better than the regular trash.


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