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Home & Office Network Solutions is owned by Home Network Solutions, LLC which was founded in 2003.

Bringing Value

The value of working with Home & Office Network Solutions is that owner Lew Little is an expert in residential and commercial network infrastructure, with over 35 years of experience.

Small, family owned

Being a family-owned, small business we treat you with kindness and respect during the entire life cycle of your project, whether or not you ever buy from us. We want to earn your trust and have you join our growing list of clients that repeatedly come to our company for home and commercial networking needs.

Your team

As a small business, we depend greatly on our skills and the skills of others to perform quality workmanship.

Lew Little has over 35 years of IT experience, and handles all residential and business network infrastructure design, installation and servicing. His many years of experience in both residential and commercial networking and AV, along with his friendly and professional demeanor will give you the confidence that hiring Home & Office Network Solutions is the best choice. In addition, Lew either works alongside or supervises our specialists, and handles all AV & networking service calls.


Bonnie Little has run two businesses since 1993. She uses her business acumen primarily on customer service and production operations. Bonnie is the eyes and ears of the business, ensuring that prospect and customer questions are answered and concerns are dealt with quickly. Bonnie believes in being totally transparent about whether or not we can do a job, when we can do it and what it would potentially cost. She makes sure that labor and materials are ready for installation day and while not a techie, she knows enough to explain how electronics work but isn’t shy about passing the conversation to Lew when it starts to get out of her comfort zone.


We have been utilizing the same subcontractor to assist in residential installations for the last 15 years. In addition, we also have a company that we use for commercial work, that has worked with us for many years. If you need high voltage electrical, we can recommend an electrician. We also refer hardware & software needs to a group of IT folks we know well.