Let them know YOU want cables!

If you are looking to purchase a newly constructed home, be sure to question them about their internal wiring structure. While wireless today is pretty awesome – it’s no way to prepare a home for the future.

In fact, we will need more cabling to ensure uninterrupted streams of high-resolution audio, video, and countless other services coming soon. Prewiring for wireless is a mere prerequisite for a future-ready home. It is a poor excuse, however, to eliminate other infrastructure cabling. In addition, it will only cause problems later when the homeowner is looking to sell their home to increasingly tech-centric buyers.

If the new builder isn’t running cables to every room, talk to them about getting it done BEFORE the drywall goes up. It is much less expensive to run cable during the framing stage than later. Even if you aren’t sure what wall the cable should run to, get at least one termination point into the bedrooms and multiple ones to the main level and basement rooms. It is easier to move the cable out to another location within a room than bring a new one into it from the basement structured wiring set up.

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