Are you ready to cancel your cable TV? Maybe. Maybe not. For years this question didn’t even come to mind, but with the influx of streaming, many people are now looking at their viewing patterns and some are, in fact, cancelling their cable.

How to decide.

Keep track of what you watch for a week, maybe 2 at the most. Are you watching local channels, cable channels or streaming movies & TV shows. Be very aware of the quick hit viewing. Do you go to local news for quick updates or ESPN to see the scores? These little “check-ins” are usually not possible with streaming only.

If you are watching local channels than all you need is a good antenna. If you are streaming, than you’ve already got a Smart TV, Hulu, Apple TV or some other streaming device that basicly makes your TV into a large tablet without cable.
However, if you watch a lot of cable channels, then you need your cable and your subscription is important. If you are watching premium cable channels, you might be able to just get those channels only. HBO is now offering HBO NOW which is for streaming and doesn’t require cable.

As there become more and more choices in “how” we watch movies & TV shows, we may begin to see some serious changes in how we subscribe to cable TV. For instance, rather than selecting a package, we may be able to select the exact channels we wish to watch and pay only for those channels. But, there are a lot of people involved in the politics and economics of cable TV so changes will come slow.

Something that some people who have cut back on cable do not like is the delay to watch something. With cable if you don’t like a show you press the channel up button and just like that you are watching a totally different show. With streaming content you have to stop the show, search for a new show, maybe start a new app (like switching from Netflix to HBO GO) then watch. This process usually takes minutes to do. If you want that “instant change” capability then streaming may not be for you.

One final note…be sure everyone in your family weighs in on whether or not cable should be cut from the family budget. Take away Mom’s favorite channel and nobody is going to be happy.

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