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We didn’t know what we were missing.

We used to have several TP-Link devices everywhere to help with our security cameras, computers, and game console. These devices were better than just using WiFi, but we still had connection drops every day and it was frustrating for the whole family.

It’s been 2 months since Home and Office Network Solutions team came to our house and it makes a big different with our internet connection. They ran Ethernet cables in the house and added a device to boost our WiFi signal. We didn’t have a single drop of internet connection since!

Thank you so much!

– Michael P


“Lew and his team are very knowledgeable and skilled at what they do. I had some highly detailed needs for running wires in my house. Not only was he able to meet every little requirement but he knew where to suggest improvements, add future proofing, or other changes that we hadn’t considered. He helped me realize my vision and improve upon it. The end product is phonemical. His team helps people at all levels from the most novice to the high end customization. Lew does everything internet, video, security, home automation hardware setup and does it extremely well. I highly recommend HNS.”

Loudoun county resident


“Well, that was money well spent… and beyond that, it was a pleasure to work with both of you. In fact, everything you did fulfilled or exceeded my every expectation. Clear and precise terms, cordial and detailed preparation, an especially accurate estimate, the best possible equipment – and, superb on-site service from a highly skilled and thoughtful service provider. It was worth the wait in all respects.”

C. Rothrock

“Earlier this year, I contacted Office Network Solutions as I was seeking to obtain engineering and some furnishing of equipment for a Church Electronic Bulletin Board.  I approached Office Network Solutions and laid out what I wanted to do and my funding restrictions.  Lew worked with me and provided, per my request, the engineering and a bill of materials.  Further, Lew worked with me to minimize the cost of the project while keeping the desired quality.

The engineering and Bill of Materials were completed and exactly what I specified.  It enabled me to proceed with the installation and operation of a system that has worked to or exceeded the Church’s expectations.  We were also able to stay within budget purchasing part of the Bill of Materials from Office Network Solutions and the remainder ourselves in the marketplace.
I want to express my complete satisfaction with the quality of work, the price, the business relationship and the professionalism shown by both Bonnie and Lew.  I am willing to speak to potential customers if they have questions.

A heartfelt thank you.”

C. Rothrock

Herndon Methodist Church

T. Howard

Many compliments and much gratitude for the great work Lew performed in getting the Chamber’s internet access back up and running.  This was the typical tech scenario where no one would (or possibly could) confess responsibility for what went wrong, which was really not important. What was important was that Lew showed up so quickly after we called, focused on figuring out the problem when an obvious fix was not so obvious, and stayed until the job was done.

T. Howard

Loudoun Chamber of Commerce office