Can you fix areas with poor wireless access?

If your home has areas that cause your WiFi to drop on your phone, smart device, computer, etc., this can generally be resolved or at least reduced substantially. While communication companies like Xfinity, Fios, etc. enjoy advertising the best and fastest speeds for streaming and Internet access, in actuality they can only bring this speed into your home.

Depending on the size & structure of the house, you may not have the proper network system set up. When all you depend on is the router that came from your cable provider, you could end up with dead zones.

As we enter an era where everything is “network ready”, the systems that you get from the Internet service providers (ISPs) are just the base for what you will need. If you are even considering streaming video, you have to have a better in-house network system in place. Those with home based businesses or those working from the home most definitely need at least one hard wired computer and strong wireless, especially if you are using your cell phone or tablet to do business from home.

If you want to learn about home networking, read this article from PC Magazine “The Ultimate Guide to Home Networking”. Or if you want to optimize your home’s network, call us. We strive to put in systems that work reliably and constantly.

Home Network Solutions was started by Lew Little, a networking specialist. That is why when Lew visits a prospective client about Video and Audio work, he’s going to talk about networking too. Because without the proper network infrastructure, your video, audio, data and even voice systems will not be working at their optimum level, even if you are paying for the highest broadband offered from your communications carrier.

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