In a recent install, this component was being used by the homeowner to create an HDMI to analog connection between electronic components. This was purchased off the Internet and described that it could, in fact, perform this function.

This component cannot perform this function because it is impossible. Digital to analog conversation requires an external device to convert the signaling from one type to another, not just a cable.

Consider the component connections (red, green, blue) as our English language and the HDMI connection (the black flat end) Spanish. If a Spanish speaking person doesn’t understand English, then there is no communication when the English person is trying to talk to them. The cable in between the connections can not learn the language needed to translate digital to analog. There must be a device in between (given our example an English teacher or English speaking software) to teach the language.

Analog to digital conversion is easily accomplished with the correct components, but they aren’t a $10.00 cable. HNS can help you decide if conversion or equipment replacement is needed for your individual situation.

Another example of “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

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