Based on research pulled together by CEDIA, the consumer electronics industry’s trade association, they have created some interesting assumptions about what the consumer electronics experience will be 5 years from now. We thought it might be fun to share these with you.

Video: While you can find virtual reality devices now, the video is nowhere near what technology manufacturers want it to be. The best virtual reality products that are not even on the market still have some work to be done. The biggest problem is the better the image, the harder it takes for the brain to accept them. Viewing these prototypes cause most people to get physically ill from disorientation and it can take hours to recover. So, needless to say…not ready for prime time yet.

4K: We all know 4K is already here. However, there is still a large imbalance between the availability of the TVs and the availability of the content. A lot of movies over the past few years have been created in 4K (or better) video for theaters but not for the home market. It will take many years for content providers to catch up in producing and distributing 4K compatible content for consumers.

Rec2020: In the future, TVs will be able to produce 50% more color than they can today. That means more contrast which creates a much stronger, clearer image. Again, even when this happens, the content providers have to keep up, and based on today’s gap between technology & content, we will still experience a gap.

Audio: There will be more immersion into sound taking surround sound to another level, perhaps even the creation of speakers to be placed within the floor since we’ve already got audio in the walls & ceilings.

Broadband: It is anticipated that 80% of the country will be using gigabit speed by 2020. Some states, especially those in the Midwest, only have high speed broadband in major cities. We even have problems with rural areas, such as Western Loudoun county, receiving broadband. Communications companies will be finding ways to get coverage to the entire country.

Now don’t go asking us for a Rec2020 TV or floor installed speakers yet…remember we are talking 2020 here. Right now, enjoy what you have and we’ll all wait and see if CEDIA’s crystal ball is working.

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