The coronavirus is sparking anxieties among electronics manufacturers. Not only do issues with retailers reducing hours and potential shipping bottlenecks cause delays, but manufacturing plants worldwide have or may be closing due to the virus. This will impact when new electronics get into the market.

Many of the electronics manufacturers work across different industries and domains. These firms typically operate by acquiring necessary electronics components from different suppliers. Suppliers receive orders and ship the requested parts to the manufacturers. The components are assembled, and then the finished product is shipped on to the ultimate client, often a consumer-facing brand.

It’s crucial that these manufacturers receive all the elements necessary to assemble a product at the same time, so that production can begin and the company can avoid a buildup of inventory.
But this pandemic is throwing off the final assembly, when even one part can’t get to the manufacturing plant.

Our suggestion is to be patient, use what you have for the time being or buy existing inventory from brick & mortar & online retailers. We do recommend if an electronic product breaks, that you look to have your product delivered vs. going out to a Best Buy or Wal Mart. All these stores offer delivery.

As for installation services by H&ONS, we will continue to serve the Northern Virginia market by taking precautions against contamination as suggested by the CDC; including hand washing, using antibacterial wipes, staying a distance away from people and of course, cancelling service and installs if any symptoms of the Coronavirus occur.