It is that time of year again to go through your pre-holiday season electronics checklist.

As we get closer to holiday season, (what we consider Thanksgiving through Super Bowl Sunday), it is time to check your electronics to avoid last minute scheduling conflicts.

1. TVs: Do they all work? Check picture quality, sound, remote control usage, connections to components, i.e. blu-ray/DVD, game stations.

2. Audio: Check sound quality of each and every speaker. You need to literally put your ear to the speaker to ensure sound is coming out. Keep in mind, you will not get sound from rear speakers of a surround sound system if you are not playing a surround sound source, like the news or older TV shows and movies. Check for quality, i.e. fuzzy, static sound. Don’t confuse the sound of the operation of the speaker with it being flawed. If you are very close to a speaker, you may actually hear a slight hiss. That is ok. You won’t hear that as you move away. But, unusual sounds could mean either a problem with the speaker or a calibration issue with your receiver.

3. Quantity/Quality of Electronics: Do you have what you want? Is your TV the size you want for your extended family to watch the Thanksgiving football game. Don’t wait until the week before to go out and buy the 65″ TV to be mounted the week of Thanksgiving. You may need a new mounting bracket and of course, an installation crew. If you get a good deal on a TV and buy it, just set it on a stand until it can be wall mounted later if that is what you want. However, be sure it will fit the area as once you buy and use the TV it is not returnable without a restocking fee.

4. Renovations: Many people start renovations now to prepare for the holidays, i.e. redo their kitchen, family room, etc. If you are starting renovations, don’t forget about your wiring. While general contractors will put in low voltage wiring, it is not their specialty and we have seen many instances of it done wrong or with poor quality cable. You may want to have us quote you on doing the wiring, as we won’t just wire it, but design the wiring around your current and future needs and wants. If you’ve already started renovating, wiring needs to be put in right after electrical, so call right away to see if we can help.

5. Plan for future purchases. If you know you are going to get electronics either during Black Friday or during the holiday, and you are going to want those electronics installed, you can still get your home pre-wired now. We can route the cable & have the wire in place, so as soon as you get it, all we have to do is come back, cut the drywall where we left the cable, pull it through, install the mount & attach the components. That way, you aren’t waiting weeks from the time you get the TV, speakers, etc. to the time you get to actually enjoy it.

If you have any questions regarding electronic changes for the holidays, email us and we will reply. Keep in mind that we can’t really tell you what make or model to buy, as that is a personal choice based on many factors. However, for TVs we recommend Samsung for LED, LCD and Panasonic for Plasma, as a general guideline. Our October newsletter will feature an article on “How to Select a TV” so be sure to check it out.


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