Here are some suggestions to get your home electronics ready for the Fall season.

1. Back to School? Kids are going back to school which means after a long day at school and homework is complete, they are going to want to chill playing games or watching TV. Check that your game station is operating and be sure to talk to them about removing cables they shouldn’t remove. College kids? Is their room network ready when they come home on breaks for them to work on school assignments in their room on their laptop.

2. Are you ready for some football? We get a lot of requests for TV mounting and sound systems as we get closer to football season. Flat screen TVs do not have great sound (except Bose TVs – see Sept. article). They had to take something out to make those TVs so thin, so it was audio components. If you plan on having football parties or just like to hear the roar of the crowd, you might want to add more audio to your TV. There are a lot of choices: soundbars, surround sound, architectural in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. We can design the sound experience you want based on your room & budget. Call now for a free site survey.

3. Family visiting for holidays? Plan now. We are not the only AV company that gets busy during the holidays, and planning ahead will ensure you get done what you want to have done. Do you need a TV in the guest room or a larger one so more people can view it? Is it time to get the TV mounted on the wall because your grandkids will be around? Are you using 5 remotes that relatives are sure to use & mess up your entire entertainment system. Maybe it’s time for a single control system with a “Help menu” to get things back to normal quickly.

We are Entertainment Experts and available to make your home entertainment experience fabulous.

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