8K TVs

Several manufacturers now have 8K TVs; Samsung, Sony, LG, etc. Most are selling for more than $2700. Is it worth getting an 8K? Until content is available in 8K, you are fine with a 4K or OLED TV. That said, there really isn’t much new in TVs, so we recommend you look for deals in 2020 models, even most 2019 models have the latest technology and capabilities.


If you are looking to buy new speakers this holiday season, look first at the purpose. Sound to enhance a TV, we recommend either surround sound (which will require installation unless you want to see wires all over the room), or a sound bar that can be mounted under your TV or sit below it. If you go with a higher end sound bar, such as the Bose 300. You might also want to add in the subwoofer if you truly want the effect of surround sound.

Sonos is still a great choice for wireless audio and does have 2 new products coming out, the Arc & the Beam. The Arc isn’t shipping till end of November so you will be playing it close to wait for this as a gift.

Gaming Stations

Xbox will release the next-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10, 2020 for $499 and $299 respectively. The PlayStation 5 will be released on November 12 at $499 for the standard console, or $399 for the digital-only version.

Other technology

Ring has everything from doorbells to full home security systems now. While their products are mostly wireless, keep in mind that you need a very strong Wi-Fi network to have them function at their highest capabilities. You might compare with Nest, which are generally wired products. Keep in mind that both Ring & Nest have monthly fees. Read before you buy.

Smart Home Hubs: Amazon’s new Echo 4th gen. can do everything but cook you dinner. Right now it sells for $99, but expect some deals as we get closer to Christmas. The Echo Show 10 is around $250 and competes with the Portal which has less capabilities but sells everywhere now for around $130. There is also the Google Nest of products starting at $90, which has similar capabilities. Look in our November newsletter for a comparison of these Hubs.