What is an AV integrator?

As our tag line states, we Design, Install and Service Home Technology Systems. That defines what we do. So how are we different from a retailer?

You go into a retailer & they sell you a product. They will ask you about your needs and try to get you something to satisfy that need. But, they are only looking at  that one need, not the whole picture. Their goal is to sell a product. And, there is nothing wrong with that if you are looking to just buy a product.

We are not looking to sell a product. We are looking to help you create or expand your home’s entertainment, comfort or communications system, even if it is just one need at a time. Our process is to provide a free site survey so that we can design your system, which may or may not include us furnishing products, as you may have already bought products or have existing products. We then provide a quote and upon acceptance of the quote, we order the products & schedule the installation. We are not a “cookie cutter” installer, so we can’t give you a price on the phone for an installation. We know that no two installations are alike and by seeing your home we just might have a better idea for you.

If you need electronics, we recommend products based on meeting with you, your existing home’s infrastructure and what we know are quality products that we feel you would be happy with and are safe to use (mounts, cables, surge protectors). Generally this process takes about a month, sometimes longer depending on different variables; availability of products, changes in the quote, scheduling availability on both sides for the site survey & the installation. Every product we buy for you is specially ordered for you from our distributor. We keep a very small inventory of widgets for service calls, but electronics are not kept in stock.

Unlike a retailer, we don’t choose products because they are the “product of the month” or because we make more money off of one brand vs. another. We sell products we know will work for you at a price that is competitive to other AV integration companies.

More than 50% of our business comes from previous customers and the reason is that they count on us to fulfill their needs when they want to change or expand their home’s electronics. We don’t ever want to be a one-stop shop – we want to be the people that you say “hey…it’s time to call HNS, I’m ready to now…”


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