Do your homework before buying Smart Home products

I clicked on the latest email sent to me from Home Depot because it said Smart Home, and I had to see what they had to offer. The page I was sent to was quite impressive, as it should be from a large company like Home Depot.

They categorized Smart Home Technology by
• Safety and Security
• Home Access
• Lighting
• Automation
• Energy Management
• Appliances
• Electronics.

So, what to buy? The products that Home Depot sells are all considered to be products that any DIYer can install. But, just as I don’t know how to tile my floor or install carpeting, not everything within these categories may be a project I would want to attempt (leaving Lew out of the picture).

I encourage you to go to their Smart Home page to see what might interest you. I then, encourage you to dig deeper into the actual product, through that manufacturer’s page to see if there are other products needed to make it work (I guarantee there are) and to better understand the installation of the product.

For example, I have a Lutron control for my bedroom lamp, which Home Depot sells. You plug the lamp cord into the device that plugs into an outlet & that’s it. I love it, simple and inexpensive! However, when I wanted to control overhead lights in my bathroom and bedroom the same way, that was a whole different story. This was going to be costly as there were more pieces to make it work and the installation required an electrician in addition to Lew’s expertise.

My point is don’t buy first and ask questions later. There are some wonderful things you can do now to make your home “Smart”. But, be sure you fully understand the cost of ALL products and installation if you can’t do it yourself.

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