Hulu plans to launch a live TV streaming service in 2017. It will include live sports, live news and live entertainment events with access to content from 35 different TV networks. The Wall Street Journal reported pricing to be about $40/month, compared with it’s current $7.99/month. However given what they are offering, the price will still be significantly less than cable prices.

Hulu recently announced an expanded partnership with Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox. Those are two huge names, because both of them control a number of important TV networks. With Disney, for example, Hulu also gets access to content from ABC and from ESPN.
The current TV lineup for the live streaming Hulu includes Fox, ABC, ESPN, FX, National Geographic, the Disney Channel, CNN, TNT and TBS. And that’s not all – Hulu has said that it will continue to add new content partners before a final launch in 2017.

This is most likely just the beginning of the battle between streaming and cable and will most likely impact the way cable companies provide & price their services.

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