The latest advance to mimic nature.

Because we crave nature with every fiber of our being and we suffer physically, mentally and emotionally from our severe nature deprivation, the home technology sector is warming up to human-centric (circadian) lighting. HCL is a classic tool for mimicking nature through changes in lighting intensity and color temperature that replicate natural daylight patterns from dusk until dawn.

Scientific evidence abounds for the health benefits of circadian lighting when you’re trapped indoors for 90% of the day. It is now big business for office buildings and hospitality, prisons and schools and soon to be for homes and apartments where builders, developers and smart-home integrators play.

Two recent discoveries indicate we have non-visual photosensors during the day and melatonin at night. Disruption of these natural light patterns confuses our highly evolved circadian circuitry, which informs our sleep, hormone secretions, alertness, neurological functions, metabolism, immune systems, moods…pretty much everything that makes us human at the cellular level.

Artificial lighting that simulates daylight makes us more productive and happier during the day and helps us sleep at night. Dusk-appropriate lighting in the evening helps us wind down for bedtime. Expect to see and hear more about what you can do to make your home’s lighting healthier for you.

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