The CE Pro, January issue’s article Closer Ties Between Tech & Interior Design is old news to us. We have been working with Interior Designers for many years. Whether the homeowner, general contractor or the designer contacts us, we have been solving difficult aesthetic problems that designers face when their clients want a clean look, but also expect a quality sound and audio system. And, of course, hiding all those nasty wires.

For the first time ever, at CEDIA Expo 2018, groups of interior designers assembled to hit the show floor for an up close and personal look at the technologies shaping home interiors. And this trend continued at the 2019 show.

Interior designers are incorporating wireless networks, smartphone usage and hidden speakers into their design elements. Clients are also asking for more smart home technology such as smart shades and lighting control to full scale wireless speaker systems.

Manufacturers understand that consumers and especially interior designers want more products that are aesthetically pleasing and they are delivering. Providing a holistic environment for consumers is a win-win for everyone. Besides developing products that are hidden behind walls and yet still produce incredible sound, they are creating products that work with a variety of design elements, so while homeowners can see the electronics, they are less obtrusive.

Designers are being encouraged to pull in AV designers at the beginning of a project, and that means learning more about what is offered. If nothing else, simply adding “AV needs” to their spectrum of offerings, when meeting with clients, will produce much happier clients in the long run.

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