Many uses for your iPad within your home

There are many uses for an iPad to operate equipment within your home. You can actually mount your iPad on a wall and use it as the interface for a home automation center, but we do recommend it be professionally mounted not tied to a curtain rod.

You can also tie your iPad into your home’s entertainment, communications and comfort systems. Apps are available that allow you to use your iPad to control your television, personal computer, lighting, blinds, HVAC, and more.

But don’t misread the marketing of these applications and assume you only need the application!  Most applications require specific equipment within the house and household network to operate.

For instance, Lutron lighting can be controlled by an app on your iPad or iPhone, but you need the internal control equipment for it to work. The same goes with blinds and HVAC.

As for audio and video electronics, there are ways to use your iPad to control those as well. If you would like more information, drop us an email or call and we’d be happy to discuss uses with you.


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