And what to do if it Isn’t

Do you have a lot of people using your home’s technology? If you do, then you want to be sure that your electronics are easy to use. If only one person in your home understands how to turn on the TV, speakers, lighting or camera system, that could be a problem at some point.

I say this because I am as guilty as many others. Lew set up our system and other than the remote control devices, and Bose system, I’m pretty clueless. I don’t even have the camera app on my phone, even though he and my daughter do. I have no idea how to reset the network. I always call him when something goes wrong.
If something (God forbid) happened to Lew, I’d have to hire a competitor to explain how all this stuff works in my house.
That said, here are some suggestions to get everyone in the know.

1. Create written instructions. Grab a pen and paper and write instructions on how to use the electronics in your home. That includes TV, Audio, Gaming, Cameras, Lights, etc.
2. Have a training session. Once your instructions are written, make some popcorn & have a training session. The kids will probably balk at this, as they will think they know it already, so have them be the ones to explain how things work. And, don’t just talk the talk, demo everything. Mess things up too and have them fix it.
3. Make things easier. If it takes 5 remotes to watch TV, perhaps it is time to go to a universal remote control system. You are, most likely, not going to be able to train grandma to push 15 buttons to watch a movie.
4. Get as much on the cell phone as possible. Everyone uses cell phones today and the new generation learns apps fast.
If you don’t want someone in the home to know how to use something, i.e. kids and cameras, then be sure to set up parental controls, such as passwords, to ensure they aren’t messing with something they shouldn’t, like turning off the cameras during the hours they are throwing that huge party with their friends while you are on vacation.

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