According to an annual survey commissioned by the National Retail Foundation (NRF), the expected tech haul for back to school is $12.8 billion, up nearly 11 percent from summer 2016.
Consumer electronics came in second on back-to-school shopping lists (grades K-12), behind only clothing, and was cited by 60 percent of respondents who plan to spend an average of $204.33 on the category.

But electronics was No. 1 with the college crowd, ahead of clothing, and cited by 51 percent of respondents who expect to spend an average of $229.20 on the category.

While you don’t need to worry about colleges having enough bandwidth to handle your child’s electronics, you may want to evaluate your home’s network infrastructure.
• Is your child’s room wired so they can plug their laptop in to a hard-wired connection?
• Are there areas that your child might want to go wireless that don’t have a strong connection?
• Will multiple children be using the Wi-Fi at the same time? Will they all be multi-tasking? (watching Netflix while searching the web, texting with friends and printing at the same time)
• What will the rest of the household be doing while they are working on their homework?

Going back to school can be either an enjoyable or frustrating time. Be sure you nip any network issues in the bud early to keep everyone working and playing nice together.

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