Wireless has come a long way in the last 10 years. While it used to be limited to communications and data, i.e. telephones and computers, it has expanded to audio and even a few TVs.

But, before you decide to go wireless with your audio you really need to understand it better. PC Magazine has a very easy to read article called the 10 Best Wireless Speakers. They aren’t just touting speakers, but they actually explain the pros and cons when searching for wireless products.

We utilize wireless audio in many of our projects, generally to expand wired audio platforms. For example, a client has a receiver and speaker set up and wants to add a speaker to their patio or to another room. We look towards wireless products that can tie in to that existing hardwired system and give them the sound quality they want.

The industry has made some great advances in wireless audio, but there are still limitations. Having a professional assist you with your home WIFI network will help you avoid the frustrations that many people face when they aren’t getting optimum audio performance.

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