When we move we know to cancel our gas and electric, cable and Internet service. But, what about your home electronics tied to your name?

If you are conveying your TV, sound devices such as Sonos, or a Universal remote control, you need to be sure to cancel the plans tied to them.

TVs: Be sure to log out of your apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. Otherwise, the channels that will come up will be from your account, risking charges and privacy issues.

Wireless devices: Sonos is one product that allows you to use an app from your smart device. If you are conveying Sonos, you want to be sure to logout of all services that you are subscribed too and remove the device from your Sonos account via the Sonos App. It doesn’t hurt to do a factory reset of the device(s) too.

Universal remote control: If you are leaving a remote control that controls multiple devices, even if you take one of the devices, the remote will allow the new owner to login to some/all of the apps that you used, so best to log out and let them get it reconfigured to work with their electronics.

TiVo: TiVo is a subscription service, so you need to cancel it even if you are selling the system to the new owners.

Ring doorbell and Nest products: Cancel the subscription that you are paying monthly. Resetting the devices to factory defaults is also recommended The new owner needs to then configure the devices and set up service.

The best thing to do is just think about any apps paid or not, within your home and any subscriptions, and cancel all of them before moving. Informing the new owners what they will need to take over or set up would be a very neighborly thing to do before they move in.

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