The Electronics Take Back Coalition states that in the US, we scrap about 400 million units per year of consumer electronics, according to recycling industry experts. Rapid advances in technology mean that electronic products are becoming obsolete more quickly. This, coupled with explosive sales in consumer electronics, means that more products are being disposed, even if they still work.

Most electronics still end up the landfill, which is not where they should go. Electronics are made to last and they are built with some hazardous materials inside. It is extremely important that they be given to a recycling company so they can be disposed of properly.

We recently made arrangements with a recycling company to take home electronics after installations. This includes TVs, receivers, speakers, blu ray or DVD players that we can physically carry and load into our company vehicles. The recycling company will allow us to transport items on your installation day directly to their recycling place of business. There is a fee for recycling electronics and we can provide it in your estimate, but the recycling center is giving us special pricing to make it more affordable for you.

If you don’t mind taking your own electronics to a recycling drop off site, there are three places you can go:

1) Best Buy will accept electronics including computers, TVs, etc. Each Best Buy is different and they have maximums so we suggest you call first to see what they would take. They do not charge for this service.

2) Securis offers a monthly recycling event. There is a fee based on what you take. Prices are listed on their website at and the events are only held once a month at their Chantilly operations.

3) Keep a look out for other monthly recycling events that communities and businesses put on. Many are “paper only” but sometimes someone will hold an electronics event. As an example, the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce is holding an event on September 24th.

If you don’t want your old electronics sitting around or you don’t have the manpower to get it to a recycling center, then please ask Lew during your site survey to include pricing for removal.

What is important is that you do not throw out electronics in the trash or dump them somewhere as they are a danger to our environment. Electronics disposal is still a problem throughout the United States because there are not enough recycling centers. If more large retailers would serve as drop off locations for electronics & then work with recycling centers, more people would do a better job of properly recycling.

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