Your trash collector will not dispose of electronics. Dumping your old TV or receiver into a commercial trash bin or worse yet, the environment is not acceptable. First check your options through your county (see below) for disposing of electronics. For example, Loudoun county holds 2 events a year and while there are limits and small costs, they ensure that the waste is disposed of properly. Their next event is in either May or June at May or June 2019 at 751 Miller Drive, Leesburg, VA 20175.

There are also private events held all the time that help dispose of electronics. On April 6 from 9-12, Keller Williams Realty in Dulles Virginia at 46191 Westlake Drive in Sterling will be holding a FREE recycle event. The Verizon campus generally has an event as well and when we hear about it, we will promote it through our Facebook site and this newsletter if possible.

Best Buy accepts many electronic products for free. A $25 fee is charged for Tube TVs smaller than 32″- Flat-panel TVs: LCD, plasma, LEDs smaller than 50” and Portable TVs. You can check out their website for what they accept and any restrictions and you don’t have to buy anything to use this service, though you do get a discount on buying some items when bringing in an older version, so again check out their website if you are looking to replace an electronic item.

Working electronics? Consider donating to a local charity or selling it via an online yard sale or app. Keep in mind that you might have to take the item to them as many charities do not have pick up services. Some charities that do offer pick up services don’t accept electronics because they can get damaged in transit, so be sure to check their website’s list of acceptable items before offering it to them. PS: No one wants the large tube or projection screen TVs that weigh a ton, so if you don’t want to take them to a recycling center, your only option is to call a Junk company. We do offer a discount to 123Junk so if you have more than just one or two items to toss, they are a good choice.

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