Network Infrastructure Services

Homeowners are now requiring the same network capabilities as businesses. With all the components that people are using, most home networks are incapable of handling the traffic load of all these devices without the correct integration of the network infrastructure components.

Network Design: We can provide a detailed network design for your home that includes a visual representation of the recommended hard wiring and the wireless products needed for installation. This is useful if you are having a remodeling project. For those starting or in the midst of a remodeling project, this design can be given to your contractor’s electrician for proper placement of cables & access points. Please contact us by phone for more information and pricing on this service.

Minor changes to network: We understand that not everyone needs a network analysis or network design. If you want to clean up your structured wiring box, add an access point to an already established network or replace a switch or router, we can help with that too.

Support for Networking & Audio/Video

If you are a past customer we can offer three types of support: emails, phone or virtual and on-site. Depending on how we feel your request can be addressed, we will determine the type of support method. We try to perform email and phone or virtual support over on-site support to save you time & money. However, not all problems can be addressed sufficiently without an onsite service call. Please be as detailed as possible when calling or emailing with a request so that we can best serve you. We reserve time each week for service calls in the hopes of getting to you as quickly as possible.

If you are not a past customer, the only support we can offer is in-person support. This support includes troubleshooting the problem and correcting it on-site if we have the materials available. Otherwise, a return visit is required in order to procure the materials and schedule the time needed for the correction. Our hourly billing applies to in-person service calls.

Please read our complete support policy to identify how to schedule support services. New Support Policy