We specialize in three areas: Network Infrastructure, Home Entertainment and Service calls. Read on for specifics on these services and what we offer.

Network Infrastructure

Homeowners are now requiring the same network capabilities as businesses. With all the components that people are using, most home networks are incapable of handling the traffic load of all these devices without the correct integration of the network infrastructure components.

We specialize in creating the infrastructure for networked homes. If you want all your electronic devices to talk to each other and to optimize your home’s Internet service we can help. We use a combination of hard wiring (cat5e, cat6, coax cable) and wireless networking to ensure that you get the best performance of your networked devices in your home.

Home Entertainment

Residential page What experience are you looking for? That is one of the first questions that we always ask and the reason we ask is simple. The answer you provide will become the foundation of our discussions about what systems are best for you.

Video/Audio/Control – These words are the heart of home entertainment systems. Depending on the answer to our question above we can put together systems that provide the experience that you want. We have many years of experience with products from Samsung, Bose, Denon, Polk Audio, URC and many more that allow us to tailor a system just for you.

Content – It used to be that you watched Cable TV and a DVD. Today Cable TV and DVDs are still used by the majority of the population but streaming of movies and music from the internet is catching up fast. We provide services to setup the necessary equipment to enjoy your streaming.


We have three types of support: emails, phone or virtual and on-site. Depending on how we feel your request can be addressed, we will determine the type of support method. We try to perform email and phone or virtual support over on-site to save you time & money. However, not all problems can be addressed sufficiently through those mediums. Please be as detailed as possible when calling or emailing with a request so that we can best serve you.

Please read our complete support policy to identify how to schedule support services. New Support Policy