It has definitely been a rough winter in our area, but soon homeowners with outdoor electronics will be taking covers off their TVs and cranking up the patio and deck speakers.

Outdoor electronics are manufactured to withstand the elements. However, that does not mean that they are impervious to them. If you are planning an outdoor event, don’t wait till the day before the event to ensure your outdoor electronics are working. Test everything out fully at least 2 weeks before your events.

Here’s a list of things to do to test out your outdoor electronics.

Turn on your speakers from whatever means you use and test each. Test the radio, streaming, portable device, TV. Test all devices that use your outdoor speakers to be sure that something didn’t go wrong on the inside with your configuration and all is working through the speakers.

Obviously, go out and put your ear to each speaker. You may need to pull a ladder out for speakers that are higher up. You don’t need to put your ear up against the speaker, just close enough to be sure that sound is coming out and there is no major distortion.

For patio speakers, clean them off, brush leaves and cobwebs out of crevices. Make sure it is level as snow and wind could have moved it.

Problems: If you are not getting sound, here are a few things to check: look to be sure the connection between the speaker & cable is still there. This should be easy to do for outdoor garden and patio speakers, but you might need a ladder to get a good look at deck speaker mounted on the side of the house. Again, the elements can be vicious and can have broken a connection point. This doesn’t mean your entire cable is bad, but the connector will need to be replaced.

Outdoor TVs are made to take the sun & winter elements but covers are always recommended after usage. So, your TV should have been covered up all winter. After removing the cover, clean the TV of spiders (NOTE: Be careful when taking the cover off, things do like to hide under grill, chair & TV covers), leaves, etc. Be sure to use proper TV cleaning wipes and sprays to clean the TV.

Turn the TV on with your remote. Try everything, i.e. Cable, a movie, standard & High Def channels, streaming if you have it. Change channels, use the guide, check the volume control. Make sure if it is connected to the speakers that the speakers are working with the TV.

Again, if you having any problems, look for loose or bad connections. If it is a loose connection, tighten it up. If it is damaged, you may need to call us to repair it. If the TV doesn’t power up, be sure the electrical is on. Since you haven’t used it, a fuse could have blown & you didn’t even know it. And of course, make sure it is plugged in and if using a power strip, it is on.

These may all seem like common sense things to do, but it is amazing how many times we make a service call to plug in an electronic device. Save yourself some money and do your own check-up. We’d be happy to open up your electronic outdoors system & run it through its paces for you, but it really isn’t necessary if you have an hour to devote to it.

If you find something broken or not working, call us for a service call and we will troubleshoot & help to resolve the problem. Again, don’t wait till your party to figure out that something doesn’t work. It could be something major that could result in ordering replacement parts and that can take time. Plan early and then be ready to start enjoying your Spring.

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