…Going to the pool, vacations, visiting family and friends, cook-outs, and festivals. It is also a good time to prepare your home’s network infrastructure for the coming of fall.

When September rolls around, if you have children you will be busy getting them back to school and to after school sports, clubs, etc. If you don’t have children, work will most likely pick up (it always seems to slow a bit during the summer due to colleagues and clients vacationing) so you may be staying later or bringing work home.

In addition, you may be considering some additional electronics or new electronics in your home come the holidays. Waiting until you already have that new 4K TV to ensure your wiring is set up for it will delay that immediate gratification when you bring it home.

So, do an analysis of your home’s network capabilities now. Are there rooms that are not getting strong internet? If you got a new TV, would you put it where the last one is located or elsewhere in the room. And, what about the old one…if it still works where will it go? Upstairs in the guest room perhaps. Is that room wired for a TV?

Plan and schedule network and electronic changes before the rush starts in the fall.

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