Follow these rules so your electronics don’t ruin your Thanksgiving celebration.

Rule #1: If you have a flat screen TV sitting on a table or stand, ensure that it is securely braced if you have young children or visiting children. Putting weight on the back of the stand can help. Or, you can gather all the children together and explain to them the importance of staying away from the TV so that they don’t get hurt.

Rule #2: Put remotes up and out of the way. This isn’t just for little hands, but for visiting relatives. YOU know how your remotes work together, but they do not. If you don’t want to end up missing the big game because PopPop (and I say this out of experience) hit the wrong buttons on your remotes, hide them and only allow those within the family to control your electronics. Note: We do not make Thanksgiving holiday service calls, sorry.

Rule #3: Buttons are cool to little kids. If you have a blueray player, game station or anything with buttons and they are at toddler level, don’t make a fuss over it, just ensure that someone keeps little hands away. Disks and games can get damaged if the open/close button is played with over and over, and while few of us have to worry about the stuffing of materials into a VHS player anymore, if you do use one be sure that Turkey bones don’t end up in there.

Rule #4: When playing games such as Wii, PLEASE ensure everyone uses the wrist straps. And, make sure pets are out of the way. Again, my little Emma didn’t like being bowled in the head during a Wii game.

Rule #5: Remember…electronics are supposed to be for enjoyment, not frustration.¬†HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY! And, schedule your site survey early in December for any video or audio installations that you would like done before Christmas. Booking up fast.


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