Service calls are expensive, both to the business and to the customer. Unless the business operates where trucks are out on the road all day, every day, putting a vehicle and person specifically on the road to perform a short service call is a large business expense. Many AV companies won’t even perform service calls, unless it is part of a maintenance plan with an existing customer.

We will perform service calls for both customers and non-customers and while we must roll a truck for a homeowner or business that we’ve never done work for, we are trying our best to avoid some trips with existing customers.

By using the customer’s video phone, we attempt to troubleshoot a problem with a customer who is willing to use FaceTime or Facebook Video. The customer schedules a call with our technician and is directed to show various things that could be causing the problems. This type of Virtual troubleshooting isn’t as effective as an in-person visit, but it is faster and depending on the problem, can result in the customer fixing the problem with the virtual assistance of the tech. The cost is the same hourly rate as a service call, except that there is no minimum 1 hour fee and no travel fee.

For more information or to see if your existing problem qualifies for a virtual service call visit, contact Bonnie by phone or email.

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