Last summer we implemented a new service that might work for you if you have a problem with your electronics/networking that you can’t resolve by using our troubleshooting guide (

To determine if the problem is something that can potentially be corrected virtually we ask that you email us at If we feel it is something that can be resolved via a virtual service call, we will then schedule a mutually convenient time. A couple things to take note of: if we did not install the equipment or the equipment was installed many years ago, we most likely cannot perform a virtual service call. In addition, this IS a service call, not an installation. We cannot help you DIY an installation of new equipment that you purchased since we have no way of knowing if this equipment will work with your infrastructure.

The way this works is that during the troubleshooting, Lew will ask questions to assess the problem and may ask to see devices/cables/electronics etc. via the phone. He will then give you directions to make changes to your system to attempt to correct the problem. This can be done either on the telephone or virtually through our Zoom account. Zoom is the preferred method due to the video capability.

At the 45 minute mark, whether we have or have not solved a problem, Lew will ask if you wish to continue. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the troubleshooting will resolve the problem during the phone/video support. You can stop the troubleshooting any time before the 45 minutes should you feel the virtual support isn’t working. All time spent on the phone or video is billable*.

Our standard service call rate applies but we do pro-rate it in 15 minute increments. Payment for telephone/Video service calls are to be paid by credit card at the completion of the call. We do not accept other forms of payment for this service.

If the virtual service call doesn’t work and if you are comfortable with having us into your home, we are still performing on-site service calls and site surveys. Gloves, mask & social distancing are all used to keep everyone safe.

*there are no warranties on virtual service calls