The definition of custom is “made or done to order for a particular customer.” Since all home technology installations are not “off the rack” by definition alone they are custom made. Even the most basic TV mounting on a wall is generally custom made. One customer may want just the TV mounted, wires hanging down to connect to the cable outlet. Another may want the wires run through the walls to their cable connection & components. A third customer may want the TV mounted, and wires run to components within another room, utilizing an IR relay set up to manipulate the components. Then there are a variety of mount types to choose from; flat, tilt, articulating, down & out, that can be selected to customize just the TV mounting.

Add speakers or a sound bar, a universal remote control and networking for streaming and you’ve got an even more custom made entertainment system.

How about audio? In-ceiling or in-wall speakers, wireless speakers, multiple zones with separate controls by room and outdoor speakers with weatherproof wiring & casements, all connected to a central amplifier inside the home.
Head spinning yet? How about accessing all the video & audio components with your iPad or smart phone? Trading out the 5 remotes for a universal remote that is custom set for your audio & video needs.

It can get even more complex. Add lighting, a central control system, racks, a large home theater with projection and sophisticated sound & acoustics.

The possibilities are nearly endless with home technology these days. Don’t shortchange your needs with package deals. Get a true “custom” designed system that fits “your” needs now & in the future.

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