Moving can be very stressful, so here are some recommendations for you.

TVs: If you have unmounted TVs, you can either take them or not. If they are older models that still work you may want to donate them to a school or senior home. Don’t try to pawn off tube or projection TVs to anyone, as they are way too old to be wanted. Hire a junk company for those.

If they are newer TVs, i.e. TVs with HDMI connections, then they can be boxed & moved to your new home. Mounted TVs can also be moved, however they need to be removed from the wall, along with the entire mount (part on wall & part on TV), to be remounted in your new home. If it is a TV over 55”, you will need 2 people to do this without damaging the TV. You will also need to first ask your moving company if they will move the TV, as some won’t move large TVs. If they won’t move it, you might as well let it convey with the house and get new ones.

Components: If you have components that connect to your TV, it is a good idea to color code the TV connection and the component or take pictures; do something that makes it easier to put them back together again in the new home.

Cameras: Other than stand-alone cameras indoors, leave the cameras. Leave the Ring Doorbell, leave the cameras mounted outside. People don’t want to buy a house with a bunch of wires protruding everywhere and no doorbell because you took all your cameras.

Home Theater: We go into homes all the time where people took half the home theater, i.e. they took the receiver and remote and left the screen, projector & speakers. It is totally your choice as to what you want to take, but personally I would just convey the entire home theater system, so that the new homeowner can walk in and enjoy it. Will it add a huge amount to the house? Not as huge amount as a new kitchen would, but it will definitely add value. And, please leave the paperwork and equipment manuals if you still have it so the new owner can figure out how to operate the theater.

Security systems: Since security systems are connected to a call system, just cancel the subscription and let the new owners subscribe if they want to. You aren’t going to remove any of the wiring that was installed or any wall devices.

Smart home devices: Take your Google or Alexa freestanding devices. Leave your Nest thermostat or change it out and take it with you. Just leave the new owners some type of thermostat.

Audio: Leave all speakers in the walls. External mounted speakers and stand-alone speakers can be moved along with the receiver/amplifier, subwoofers, etc. However, if you have mounted speakers that work with a 5 or 7 speaker surround sound system where speakers are in-ceiling or in-wall, don’t break up the system. Again, sell the entire surround sound as a value-added feature of the home.

One thing to remember. If you leave ANY electronics that are account based such as a Roku, Apple TV or RING Doorbell be sure to reset the device to its factory defaults so that it is removed from your account. You don’t want anyone using your account to purchase services.

These are all recommendations only. What you do is entirely up to you as you own everything in your home. When we bought our home, the previous owners took the refrigerator, washer & dryer so we, as new homeowners had to buy new ones. That was quite a large financial hit, which essentially was negotiated into the purchase of the home. But, it was a buyer’s market back then, not like it is today.

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