in memoriam to Dr. Amar Gopal Bose who passed on July 12, 2013

While we try to remain vendor neutral when specifying systems to clients looking for a home audio or theater system, Bose® has always been a preferred brand so in memory of Amar Bose who passed away on July 12, 2013 at 83, we’d like to tell you why we like Bose®and why we suggest Bose® audio to many of our prospective & existing clients.


Bose® hasn’t been around for nearly 50 years by providing poor quality products. They spend years researching sound and don’t put a new product on the market until they have created something that uses their own unique technology to create a great audio experience for the consumer. Bose® is not the top choice for serious audiophiles who are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars for their sound quality. But these are not the people Bose® targets. As they say on their website “our vision is guided by human interest – how better sound affects us or what it means to find joy in products that work exactly how you want them to…”

Customer Service

We have been reselling and installing Bose® for 10 years and of all the companies we have dealt with, they are by far the best in customer service. We have assisted clients with damaged Bose® systems due to storms. Even when the product is out of warranty, the cost to replace pieces of a system are extremely reasonable, and the process is fast and seamless.


Bose® has high expectations of the people that install their products and will not sell certain lines of products to just anyone. If they feel that the customer will not get the full experience of their product without the installation being done by a certified installer, they will not sell it to the consumer, nor to anyone that has not been through their training and passed testing. That is why we are a Certified Bose BUILT-INvisible® designer.

Value and Longevity

Before we started Home Network Solutions, we owned Bose® speakers. Eventually we upgraded to a Lifestyle® system, but we still have the surround sound speakers set up on a 2nd television. That set was purchased around 2001. They still sound great and while they are larger than the newer ones & the subwoofer is “huge by today’s standards” we know that until we decide to retire them, they will continue to give us quality sound.

Ease of Use

If you compare a Bose® control device to any other you will find it has a lot less buttons to push. That is because Bose® wants you to get to your sound quickly without jumping through hoops. Their new Lifestyle® system allows you to hook up your portable device to it versus downloading CDs as previously done, thus giving you even more control over playing exactly what you want based on your music library.


Bose® has just about any product you need for an audio experience. We don’t sell the personal line of products but their headphones are top rate and their WAVE® Music system is great for apartments. Bose® audio can also been found standard in many automobiles or as an upgrade. As for their home audio speakers and theater surround sound, they offer different choices at different prices from stereo bookshelf speakers to choices of sound bars with and without subwoofers and 5.1 Home Theater systems. From our perspective, we like the fact that if we recommend a specific system to someone and the pricing is a bit out of their budget, we can come back with another Bose® system at a lower price that will still give the client a great sound experience at a lower cost.


Thank you Dr. Bose for your technology, your contributions to MIT and to the world. We know your values will continue to keep Bose®in the forefront in consumer audio. For a biography on Dr. Bose & company remarks visit

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