We work with many home interior designers either through the client or through the remodeling contractor and would like to pass on some tips on coordinating your designer and AV needs.

Introduce the designer & AV contractor as early as possible so that your designs can integrate your technology. The reason for this is that you are most likely paying for changes in design and while you may tell the designer that you want your TV and speakers to go “here and there” the actual ability for that to happen may not work. Or, it may work, but the sound you get may be compromised. These changes can be avoided with early interaction between the two.
Design changes near AV equipment should also be discussed with the AV integrator. One small change can result in a change in size of TV or selecting different speakers. We have seen instances where one wall’s design elements interfere with another wall’s AV, only because of the placement of a door or piece of decor.
In conclusion, if you want technology within a room that you are having designed, be sure to introduce your designer to us, or whomever you use for AV integration. It is far better for the interior designer & AV designer to brainstorm a design at the beginning, than to try to make the AV work in a design that has already been accepted, or worse yet, completed.

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